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How to Avoid Scaring Him Off

by D. Light July 22, 2014 07:30 PM EST
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Turn-offs. We've all got 'em. You know what you hate, and you really can't help it. Maybe it's beer breath or longish nose hair. Maybe it's a guy who whimpers when he's kissing you. (Eww -– we hate that one, too.) But before you get on your high horse about it, it might be a good idea to turn that sexy judge-o-meter on yourself. Make sure that you're not doing the big thing on his 'don't' list!

Aries guys love a date with lots of energy and enthusiasm. They hate it when women complain that they're tired. They think that if a girl is really tired, she should go home and go to bed and stop wasting his time. The words 'I'm exhausted' coming from a girl's mouth while on a date is more offensive to Aries men than armpit hair.

Taurus guys hate when women talk too much. Going on and on about the minutia of your day (and other things that don't involve him) can seem so tedious to him, it wouldn't matter if you looked like Angelina Jolie -- he'd still be turned off. Less is more with the Bull. Learn to say the most with your eyes.

Gemini guys get super annoyed when they're with a woman who is so involved with her cell phone, iPod or Twitter status that she's not paying attention to what's going on in front of her at that moment. He's not turned off by technology itself when it's used the right way, but rather by women who are geeked out on gadgetry to the point of being rude.

Cancer men think extreme messiness is gross. He likes to check out how a woman lives. A little clutter here and there around her place is acceptable. A laundry pile that's yet to be tended to, or a desk of unorganized mail -- that's okay, too. But dirty dishes in the sink or hair all over the bathroom? Those are sure to tip his gag reflex.

A Leo man may come off like a confident, adventurous sort of fellow, but you have to understand that some of what you’re experiencing in his personality is bravado. He's a little less sure of himself than he appears. When it comes to the whole physical affection/sex thing, he likes to know that he's the one driving. So a woman who makes bold sexual requests, orders him around in the bedroom or goes over-the-top with her sexual shenanigans will, instead of turning him on, make him want to call his mommy.

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Virgo guys are the pickiest of the bunch. They know what they like and they know what they don't like. In fact, if you asked a Virgo man to create a list that you can post in your bedroom just as a reference, chances are he'd be flattered to oblige. It means you care! In Virgo's case, (sexual) knowledge is (sexual) power. Personal hygiene would be at the top of said list. Virgo is a down-to-earth, natural sort of guy, and he's not into strong perfumes, heavy make-up or anything super-coiffed. But clean skin, breath and hair is a must. And more on hair -- he likes a lot of it where it should be ... and none of it where it shouldn't.

Libra men are flexible with their opinions and preferences. One week he says he prefers blondes and the next week he's into a Brazilian brunette. If he's on a hot streak, he'll date the brainy lawyer and the Vegas showgirl all in the same week. Well, at least he will in his fantasy life, which is a very important part of his sexual identity. If there's one thing that turns him off, it's a woman who doesn't know how to use her imagination. Libran guys go cold over a girl who’s so practical that she doesn't see the need to get gussied up. Feminine wiles and aesthetics show the kind of creativity he finds fascinating, and without that sense of drama and fun, the whole package becomes uninteresting to him.

As for Scorpio men, they're a mysterious sort who aren't likely to tell you if you've crossed into un-sexy territory. That's why you might like to know that he gets restless when his lover thinks that long, emotional talks are foreplay. For Scorpio men, complaining, explaining and analyzing is an anaphrodisiac. Talk in general decreases his sex drive unless it's filled with innuendo, sexual tension, smoldering pauses, etc. Conversation does have a place for Scorpio -- just not the same place where the pillows go.

Sagittarius men have their own sexual buzz-kill. It's called ‘routine.’ If Sagittarius knows what to expect from a lovemaking session, he'd rather skip it to play pool with the guys. Sagittarius needs a love life that's full of exciting surprises, different locations, sequence and positions. He's the guy voted most likely to flip his lid over you in a wig and talking in a strange accent. If you really want to blow his mind, break out that French Maid costume you wore last Halloween, and don't forget the feather duster!

Capricorn men are really disappointed in a date if she does one very un-sexy thing: bag on herself. Capricorn guys are competitive, strong and in love with winning. When someone they're interested in reveals her low self-esteem, it's a worse turn-off than granny panties. So even if you're having a hellacious hair day, feeling frumpy about your thighs, or insecure for any other reason, just hide it. Act confident. To stay in the ‘hot’ zone, you must never speak an ill word about yourself.

And what about Aquarius men? This guy's ideal sex goddess is Angelina. Not for her pillow lips and killer body, but her work with UNICEF. Aquarius is the sign of altruism and generosity, and what these men find exceptionally unappealing is meanness and thoughtlessness. So if he hears you verbally tearing apart your girlfriend behind her back or making catty comments about his friends, his libido will go limp. And if he catches you forgetting to tip the barista, he may just ‘forget’ to have sex with you.

Pisces guys are sensitive ... really sensitive. And if you know a Pisces guy who acts macho, he's guaranteed to be even more sensitive than the others. What really turns him off is any comment that makes him feel self-conscious. If you’re someone who’s going to pick on him, you’ll repel him. Be smart. If you say that some actor on television is hot, that could make your Pisces feel insecure. If you say that his shirt doesn't match his pants, or that his hair is looking crazy, that could also turn things in a bad/unsexy direction. Your best bet is not to criticize him at all. Instead, build him up by seeing his depth of soul, his sweetness, his quiet strength and his astounding ability to understand you and everyone he meets without trying too hard or asking too many questions.
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