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Marjorie Orr
There’s mounting criticism of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge flying off for an expensive paradise beach holiday when he’s supposed to be studying and she’s just back from a swanee to Mustique. And leaving baby George at home. Kate who used to be known as waitey Katey and is now being dubbed the DoLittle Duch (nice name) does have an exact Venus square Jupiter which is inclined...
  • mar 13
    06:32 am

    Malaysia plane - A Neptunian mystery

      The Malaysian aeroplane with 239 on board which has disappeared on March 8th  took off from Kuala Lumpur airport at 12.41 am and went off... read more
  • mar 13
    06:31 am

    Crimea - flashpoint for war?

    Politicians and diplomats are murmuring dire words of warning over Russia’s grab for Crimea. Worst crisis of this century. Is it a repeat of... read more
  • mar 13
    06:30 am

    Kim Kan - will they, won't they?

      The long awaited (by celeb watchers) marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is supposedly aimed for May 24 in Paris, France. Though... read more
  • feb 27
    08:54 am

    Julia Roberts - family woes

      Julia Roberts’ half sister Nancy Motes, a long term drug addict, committed suicide a few days ago amidst recriminations of rejection by... read more
  • feb 27
    08:50 am

    Ukraine - an East-West confrontation

      The state of impending civil war in Ukraine is a worry not just for its beleaguered citizens, bankrupted by a corrupt President. It is... read more
  • feb 27
    08:49 am

    Simon Cowell - A Full Moon baby

      Eric, son of Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman, was born 14 February 2014 5.45pm New York. He has a 6th house Aquarius Sun Mercury conjunct... read more
  • feb 27
    08:47 am

    Piers Morgan - a bouncing Aries

    Piers Morgan, the abrasively confident Brit who has been fronting CNN’s flagship TV talk show after Larry King has run out of steam with falling... read more
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